MGL In-House Delivery (Air & Sea Freight)

Ship to Ghana the Easy Way - Air and Sea Freight.

With our In-house Delivery service, we will receive, document and invoice your online fashion and household appliance orders sent to our warehouse from your suppliers, without you lifting a finger.

This is our way of helping our customers avoid the stress of receiving large and bulky items to their homes and the inherent occupation of prime space for weeks on end.

How It Works

Our In-house Delivery service is perfect for customers looking to purchase fashion items, white goods, large furniture like sofas, tables, cabinets and wall units to be shipped to Ghana.

So whether you are in the UK or Ghana and are looking for the latest UK fashion, invest in your dream furniture or a new car engine, complete the form below and our warehouse address will be emailed to you, with further instructions on how to proceed.

Once your supplier has delivered your order to us, we will email your shipping invoice for payment and forward your shipment to Ghana, to be delivered at the address provided during form completion.

Simple, easy and straight forward logistics. You can choose between air and sea freight during form completion.


Air Freight: Fashion Items (Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery): £8.50/kg +£20 Handling Fee.

Air Freight (All other Items): Based on dimensional/volumetric weight.

Sea Freight: Click here to see prices for sea freight.