UK - Ghana Door to Door Shipping (Sea Freight)


What is Door to Door Shipping?

Door to door shipping is the movement of goods from one country to another, which includes all aspects of the shipping process from origin to destination via sea or air freight. Charges for door to door shipments are typically all-inclusive, which means you usually do not pay any other fee than what has been quoted by your forwarder.

Manc Global Logistics is a leading UK-Ghana door-to-door shipping company, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for the transport of goods by sea and air. Established by industry veterans with over 10 years of experience, we are a force to reckon with.

Our door-to-door shipping service is an all-inclusive service for the shipment of both commercial and private goods. For certain commercial goods, we may quote additional charges to cover duties and other handling charges.

With Manc Logistics, you can expect:

  • Convenient pickup and delivery time window
  • Real-time tracking of our collections teams
  • Competitive pricing with weekly departures
  • Professional handling and careful transportation of your goods

With an average time in transit of between 3-5 weeks to ship to Ghana from the UK, you can be sure we will get your shipment there with plenty of time to spare.

Door to Door Shipping to Ghana? Choose Manc Global Logistics

Our sea freight door-to-door shipping service is popular among the Ghanaian community in the UK for the following six (6) reasons:

1. Fastest transit times: It takes between 3-5 weeks on average, to deliver your goods to Ghana via sea.

2. Wide range of services: Manc Global Logistics offers a variety of sea freight services, including Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), and Roll-on Roll-off (Ro-Ro). This allows customers to choose the service that best meets their needs and budget.

3. Extensive network: Manc Global Logistics has a global network of partners and agents, which allows us to offer seamless sea freight services to destinations all over the world.

4. Experienced team: With our team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of sea freight logistics, we can help customers navigate the complex process of transporting goods by sea and ensure that their shipments are handled efficiently and effectively.

5. Customised solutions: We recognise that every customer has unique shipping needs. We offer customised solutions to ensure customers' specific requirements are met, including the handling of special cargo such as hazardous materials or perishable goods, export and import documentation and other customs related work.

6. Competitive rates: Manc Global Logistics is committed to providing competitive rates for our sea freight services. We work closely with customers to find cost-effective solutions that meet their budget and shipping needs.

Choosing Manc Global Logistics for your sea freight services offers you a reliable and cost-effective solution for the transport of goods by sea.

Our wide range of services, extensive network, experienced team, customised solutions, and competitive rates make us a top choice for door-to-door shipping to Ghana. Visit our UK-Ghana Shipping price list for our current price list of the most commonly shipped items to Ghana.

With a nationwide collection schedule and a weekly departure from our main warehouse in Manchester, we are able to deliver consolidated goods from the UK to Ghana within 3-5 weeks.